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When quick deployment, nighttime visibility, and data integrity are critical to mission success, the Mach4 V2 Public Safety Quadcopter is the only solution.

The AEE Mach4™ V2 represents the evolution of drone technology, with specialized payloads engineered to support emergency response, public safety, and inspection missions. Featuring a fast setup and compactable design, the Mach4 V2 delivers power and portability designed to perform in critical situations, even under the most challenging conditions.

When seconds matter, the Mach4 V2’s portability and quick deployment capabilities make it an invaluable resource for search and rescue operations. With a 3-mile range and 40-minute flight time, the Mach4 V2 provides responders with specialized payloads designed to quickly assess a situation and make informed decisions, ultimately saving lives, protecting property, and improving response times.

See the Unsee with AEE Tethered Flare

The Mach4 TF-1 Tethered Flare integrated lighting system utilizes 80,000 lumens of brightness. It has continuous power for up to 24 hours and a tether length of 150 feet, making it a go-to drone for first responders who need a powerful and portable tool that can quickly and effectively assess a situation.


  • 40 Minute Flight Time
  • AEE Tethered Flare TF-1 Tether System with Lights
    • Up to 24-hour continuous power flying
    • Compatible with Mach4V2B
    • 150ft length tether
    • Integrated lighting system with 80,000 lumens of brightness
  • Point-to-Point Data Integrity
  • 3-mile Range
  • 2TB GSC
  • Fast Setup and Collapsible Design
  • Harden ABS Case
  • Smart Ehook with Remote Release
  • ATTI/GPS Mode
  • Programmable WAY PTS

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