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Airial Robotics CT30 Cargotrak - A Heavy Lift Cargo Drone Designed to Operate Under the Most Extreme Weather Conditions

The CT30 Cargotrak features a large diameter rotor that allows for stability in heavy winds and performance at extremely high elevations, all while carrying up to 10kg of payload. Equipped with multiple redundant systems, including twin motors, positioning system, autopilot, and automatic emergency landing in autorotation, the CT30 Cargotrak provides high levels of operational safety and reliability.

Key Features:

  • Multiple redundant systems
  • Up to 10kg payload capacity
  • Carry cargo and sensors
  • Positioning system, autopilot, main motor and multi-communication options
  • Automatic emergency landing autoration
  • Safe and reliable, twin engine design
  • IP65 Rating
  • Able to operate at up to 30kg all-up weight where permitted.

Designed by Aviation Experts

The CT30 Cargotrak was designed by aviation experts and built to aviation standards. Equipped with multi-redundancies like positioning system, autopilot, main motor and multi-communication options, including backup Satcom, as well as its ability to perform an autonomous powerless emergency landing in autorotation, ensure that the CT30 is extremely safe and reliable. Its IP65 rating and night flight ability provide a high level of operational readiness in all conditions.

Missions Beyond Visual Line of Sight

BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) missions have very special requirements for the aircraft. These includes reliable communication over several hundred kilometers, integration into regular airspace, communication with manned aircraft, and autonomous emergency programs that react in the event of an incident in ways that protect people and the environment. All of these features, together with low noise emissions and low energy consumption, make the CT30 perfect for BVLOS missions (optional extras required).

Heavyweight Champion

The CT30 Cargotrak is ideal for an urban area with numerous transportation tasks. It can carry up to 10kgs of payload (8kgs with 25kg MTOW) which can be landed or lowered.

Autorotation Emergency Landing

In the unlikely event of a loss of power, the CT30 Cargotrak can perform an emergency landing in autorotation, a descending maneuver in which the rotor blades are driven solely by the upward flow of air through the rotor.

Land, Drop or Lower

The CT30 can perform multiple vertical starts and landings, or effortless hovering during one mission. Even in strong winds, the CT30 Cargotrak is highly stable allowing it to perform precise lowerings or soft landings.

Airial Robotics CT30 Cargotrak - Extreme Lift Under Extreme Conditions


Empty Weight:  10kg
Battery Weight:  7kg
Max. Payload:  10kg (8kg)*
MTOW:  30kg (25kg)*
Rotor Diameter:  2650mm
Length:  2000mm
Width:  600mm
Height:  660mm
Max. Speed:  65km/h
Max. Climbing Speed:  1.5m/s
Max. Take-off Altitude:  4500m (MSL)
Max. Endurance approx:  60min
Radius of Operation approx:  11km
Battery:  Li-Po
Capacity:  configurable
Cruising Speed:  45km/h

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