DJI Care Refresh (DJI Air 2S)

DJI Care Refresh (DJI Air 2S)

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With You Every Flight

DJI Care Refresh+ offers you the chance to renew your DJI Care Refresh by extending its coverage for one more year, as well as providing one more opportunity to replace your DJI product. Furthermore, the warranty period of your product will be extended by 12 months. Enjoy longer-lasting and more comprehensive protection with DJI Care Refresh+ .

One Replacement, Total Peace of Mind

DJI Care Refresh+ offers one additional replacement chance for damage or Flyaway Coverage in one year. You can have your product replaced at a small additional cost if an accident occurs. For DJI Mini 2, the replacement fee is $49. If you use the replacement available for Flyaway Coverage, the replacement fee will be $225.

Flyaway Coverage

DJI Care Refresh+ Flyaway Coverage covers situations where aircraft go missing during flight, allowing you to enjoy worry-free flights.

* To make sure that your aircraft can enjoy the flyaway replacement service, please bind your DJI account and the remote controller with the aircraft in advance in the app. The flyaway replacement service cannot be used if the account or remote controller was unbounded before the flyaway occurred.

Full Coverage, Hassle-Free

Accidental damage is covered by the replacement service, including collisions, water damage, etc. The replacement units are brand-new products or equivalent to brand-new products in performance and reliability.

Extended Warranty, More Security

By purchasing DJI Care Refresh+ , the warranty period is extended by 12 months, covering the warranty service period without interruption.

* The product's extended warranty period is based on the purchase date of DJI Care Refresh+ and the warranty of the product or components.

Repair Service with DJI Care Refresht+

Complete the Damage Assessment and Quotation process for the most thorough analysis

  1. Online Repair Request
  2. Send Damaged Product
  3. DJI Receives Damaged Products
  4. Damage Assessment and Quotation
  5. Choose Repair / Replacement
  6. Payment
  7. DJI Sends Back Repaired Product / Replacement

Save Time with Express

DJI Care Refresh+'s replacement service has also been streamlined to let you skip the damage assessment and quotation process. A DJI service center will ship you a replacement as soon as they receive your damaged drone.

Skip the Damage Assessment and Quotation process to get your replacement sooner with DJI Care Refresh+ Express

  1. Online Repair Request
  2. Pay for Replacement
  3. Send Damaged Product
  4. DJI Receives Product
  5. DJI Sends Replacement back

Free Shipping

DJI will cover shipping cost both ways anytime a product is sent back for replacement service.

Exclusive Service

DJI Care has exclusive technical service channels to provide support, including online chat and call support.