Ronin-S - Tethered Control Handle

Ronin-S - Tethered Control Handle

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DJI Ronin-S - Tethered Control Handle


The Ronin-S Tethered Control Handle comes with a joystick, control buttons, and several universal ports. It can be used with the Ronin-S Universal Mount via a cable to control the gimbal's movement and camera remotely. Users can mount the Ronin-S on different platforms for customized shooting, such as a jib, and use the portable tethered control handle for flexible remote control. The Ronin-S Focus Wheel and the Command Unit can be mounted to the control handle via the 8-pin Port.

Provides a portable and low-cost shooting solution for the Ronin-S when used on platforms such as cranes, vehicles, and cable cams.

In The Box
Tethered Control Handle ×1
Extended Joystick ×1
Control Cable (5 m) × 1



Tethered Control Handle: 250 g
Control Cable (5 m): 202 g