Zenmuse L1
Zenmuse L1
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Zenmuse L1

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Instant Clarity. Superior Accuracy.

Multi-Sensor Payload

Lidar, RGB, IMU

High Efficiency

2 km2 covered in a single flight

Point Rate

240,000 pts/s

Detection Range

450 m

Weather & Rain



10 cm h. / 5 cm v.

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A Lidar + RGB Solution for Aerial Surveying

The Zenmuse L1 integrates a Livox Lidar module, a high-accuracy IMU, and a camera with a 1-inch CMOS on a 3-axis stabilized gimbal. When used with Matrice 300 RTK and DJI Terra, the Zenmuse L1 forms a complete solution that gives you real-time 3D data throughout the day, efficiently capturing the details of complex structures and delivering highly accurate reconstructed models.

Digitize without Compromise

Exceptional Efficiency

Generate true-color point cloud models in real-time, or acquire 2 km2 of point cloud data in a single flight using the Livox frame Lidar module with a 70° FOV and a visible light camera with a 1-inch sensor.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Render centimeter-accurate reconstructions thanks to the high-accuracy IMU, a vision sensor for positioning accuracy, and the incorporation of GNSS data.

Ready When You Are

The IP44 rating allows the Zenmuse L1 to be operated in rainy or foggy environments. The Lidar module’s active scanning method enables you to fly at night.

Livox Lidar Module

  • Frame Lidar with up to 100% effective point cloud results
  • Detection Range: 450m (80% reflectivity, 0 klx) / 190 m (10% reflectivity, 100 klx)
  • Effective Point Rate: 240,000 pts/s
  • Supports 3 Returns
  • Line Scan Mode and Non-repetitive Scan Mode

RGB Camera

  • 20MP
  • 1-inch CMOS
  • Mechanical Shutter

High-accuracy IMU

  • Accuracy: 0.025° (roll/pitch) / 0.08° (yaw)
  • Vision Sensor for Positioning Accuracy
  • GNSS, IMU, RGB Data Fusion

Recreate the World in 3D Point Clouds

  • Point Cloud LiveView
  • Measurement and Annotation
  • One-stop Post-processing


  • Matrice 300 RTK