Venom Yuneec H520 Battery Balance Charger Available now! - Volatus Drones

Venom Pro Yuneec H520 4-Port LiPo Battery Balance Charger with Dual USB Outputs

Attention all Yuneec H520 and Yuneec Typhoon H Plus users! Venom has you covered with our four port H520 Professional Charger. The Venom H520 Professional battery charger is designed to charge, cycle, or storage charge up to four Yuneec H520 or Yuneec Typhoon H Plus batteries simultaneously. That is right, all four batteries get charged at the same time, unlike most other multi-battery chargers on the market that only charge one battery at a time. Spend more time flying and less time charging.

Featuring a sleek 4 bay design, this charger saves valuable bench space by providing four complete charging circuits in a single compact package. Each bay contains its own dedicated 100W integrated power supply and charging circuit, all in a space saving footprint. Having four dedicated power supplies in one compact package means all four channels are able to receive 100W of power, ensuring you are not diluting your amp rate when charging a second, third or fourth pack.

The Venom H520 Professional Charger is also equipped to handle the charging needs of the Yuneec H520 or H Plus transmitter by way of convenient 2.3A USB (x2) ports located on the front of the charger.

Power up fast and keep your Yuneec H520 or Typhoon H Plus in the sky longer with the Venom H520 Professional Charger.