CZI GL300 High Power Searchlight


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This CZI GL300 High Power Searchlight is compatible with DJI Matrice Series, controlled and operated by DJI Pilot, and easy to install.

The high-power spots contain 7 LED chips with a power of 300W, 30000 LM. This is the most powerful reflector for the DJI Matrix 300 drone so far.

Spots with 3-axis gimbal, like a Zenmuse DJI camera, which can be easily controlled by the DJI Pilot application, plug-and-play. 

From a height of 100M, the reflector covers more than 5,300 m2. In flash mode, the instant lumen can reach 50,000. The optical lens group is used to design a clearer and brighter beam at a 45-degree angle to meet a wider range of lighting needs.  

The standardized design of the fast-release interface can be mounted on various drones in the industry and can be matched with linked drone systems. DJI SkyPort V2.0 interface, payload with DJI SDK, compatible with DJI Matrice Series.


Night Patrol


Emergency Rescue Missions

And other night operations carried out by the Emergency and Public Safety & Security Departments.

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