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ACSL SOTEN - Durable Versatility for Real World Operations

The ACSL SOTEN is a small aerial photography drone with wide expandability including a one-touch swappable camera. Data security measures for communications data, flight data, and photo/video data allow for NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) compliance. An IP43 rating allow mission critical flying in most weather conditions.


  • Compact and Portable Design:  The ACSL SOTEN is highly portable and easy to deploy. Weighing just 1.7 kg (4 lbs) and featuring a foldable design, the SOTEN is an ideal choice for operations requiring mobility and ease of use across diverse locations.
  • IP43 Rating:  Fly confidently in adverse conditions with the security of the SOTEN's IP43 rating that resists rain, dirt and dust. This robust build quality is crucial for missions requiring durability in the face of the harshest of elements.
  • Advanced Security Measures:  The SOTEN incorporates security measures compliant with ISO15408 standards, ensuring protection from hijacking, tampering, and data theft. This includes encrypted communications and the option to manage data securely in the cloud.
  • Extensive Scalability:  With the use of LTE communications, SOTEN can be controlled over the internet, enabling autonomous beyond-visual-line-of-sight (level-3) operations in remote areas such as mountainous terrain and inside industrial plants.
  • One-Touch Swappable Camera System:  A standout feature of the SOTEN is its one-touch swappable camera system. With the push of a button users can tailor the SOTEN to any mission.
  • User-Friendly Interface:  The SOTEN's intuitive UI simplifies drone operation, making it accessible even to those new to drone flying. This ease of use is a significant advantage in situations where quick deployment and operation are essential.
  • 33 MPH Max Flight Speed:  Power your operations with efficiency, quickly traversing long distances.
  • Obstacle Avoidance:  Fly with confidence as multi-directional sensors help keep your mission safe from collisions.

One Drone, Multiple Sensors

You’ll never have to buy multiple drones again. The capability to swap sensors with a one-touch release system with the drone powered on is creating a new standard in drone systems.

Available Sensors:

  • Standard 20MP Camera (included in all packages)
    • 20MP
    • 1" Sensor
    • Mechanical Shutter
  • Thermal + Visible Combo Camera (sold separately)
    • 12MP Visual Camera
    • 320x256 EO/IR Camera
    • Temperature Resolution <60mK
  • Multispectral Camera (sold separately)
    • 20MP
    • Mechanical Shutter
    • 550nm, 680nm, 850nm
  • Optical Zoom Camera (sold separately) - under development

With an easy to operate interface, the NDAA compliant SOTEN is the future of the US drone market.


The ACSL SOTEN is ideally suited for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Disaster Response: Its robust build and advanced features make it a reliable tool in emergency situations.
  • Inspections and Surveying: The top-mounting capability and camera versatility allow for detailed inspections and surveys.
  • Challenging Environments: The SOTEN's waterproof, dustproof, and wind-resistant characteristics make it suitable for a variety of missions in challenging conditions.

In the Box

Three (3) SOTEN System Packages Available

SOTEN Standard Package:

  • 1 - SOTEN airframe
  • 1 - Standard remote controller (smartphone not included)
  • 1 - Battery charger
  • 1 - Propeller set
  • 1 - Smart Battery
  • 1 - Standard 20MP Camera

SOTEN Standard Package Plus:

  • 1 - SOTEN airframe
  • 1 - Standard remote controller (smartphone not included)
  • 1 - Battery charger
  • 1 - Propeller set
  • 1 - Smart Battery
  • 1 - Standard 20MP Camera
  • 1 - Hard Case

SOTEN Inspection Package:

  • 1 - SOTEN airframe
  • 1 - Standard remote controller (smartphone not included)
  • 2 - Propeller set
  • 5 - Smart Battery
  • 1 - Standard 20MP Camera
  • 1 - Hard Case
  • 1 - Triple Cradle Charger



Dimensions Unfolded: 637mm x 560mm (including propellers)
Folded: 162mm x 363mm
Height Unfolded 153mm (including propellers)
1,720g (including standard camera and battery)
Number of rotor blades 4
Intelligent battery Lithium-ion battery 94Wh, 1 pc
Operating frequency 2.412 - 2.477 GHz
Hovering accuracy (using vision positioning)  Vertical: ±Q.lm
Horizontal: ±0.3m
Hovering accuracy (GNSS) Vertical: ±0.5m, Horizontal: ±1.5m
Maximum pitch angle 30°
Maximum angular velocity Pitch: 80°/s, Yaw: 45°/s
Maximum ascent speed 3m/s
Maximum descent speed 2m/s
Maximum takeoff weight 2,000g
Maximum speed (no wind) 15m/s
Operational limit altitude 2000m
Maximum airspeed 15m/s
Max flight time With standard camera, wind speed 8m/s: 25min.
Without standard camera, wind speed 8m/s: 29min
Optional Camera Infrared camera + visible camera
Multispectral camera
Optical zoom camera
Ingress protection IP43 (with camera, gimbal, and battery)
Operating temperature 0°c to 40°c
Optional items LTE Comms Module
Spare Battery

Vision System

Obstacle detection range Forward: 10m, Up: Sm, Down: 5m
Obstacle detection angle 70° horizontal, 40° vertical
Obstacle detection freq. Forward: lOHz, Up: lOHz, Down: lOHz
Operating environment Adequate lighting and clear texture

Infrared Sensor

Obstacle detection range Up: 2m, Down: 12m
Obstacle detection angle Up: 27°, Down: 2°
Obstacle detection freq. Up: 50Hz, Down: 50Hz
Operating environment Large, diffuse or reflective obstacles

Remote Controller (Standard)

Operating frequency 2.412 to 2.477 GHz
Maximum distance (without obstructions or radio interference) 4km
Battery life Up to 4 hours
Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C
Security AES encryption method
Multiple operations Control can be transferred between two radio controllers.

Supported Mobile Devices

OS Android"™ 4.1 or higher
Terminal USB Type-en,
Confirmed models Sony Xperia™ 5, 10 Ill

Visible Camera (Standard)

Number of effective pixels 20 megapixels
Still image shooting method JPEG / DNG / JPEG+DNG
Still image shooting quality Compression: Superfine / Fine / Norma
Resolution: 20MP / 15MP / lOMP
Movie recording method MOV / H.264
Movie recording quality 4K: 30fps
2.7K: 60fps / 30fps
Full HD: 120fps / 60fps / 30fps HD: 60fps / 30fps
nHD: 240fps / 120fps / 60 fps / 30p
Video recording time Available recording time: 60 min. Auto-split: OFF / 1 / 3 / 5 / 10 min. (Split by 4GB in the case of FAT32)
Sensor size 1 inch
Shutter system Mechanical shutter system
Focus mode Mode: Single AF / Continuous AF / MF Area: Multi AF / Spot AF
Exposure compensation -2EV to +2EV (step of 1/3EV)
Recording media microSD UHS speed class: ≥ U3 or V30 Video class: ≥ V30
Security Data can be encrypted as it is recorded on the recording media.
Encryption can be enabled/disabled.

Camera Gimbal

Gimbal mechanism 3-axis
Operable range Pan :±85°
Tilt: -115° to 45°
Maximum speed Pan: 60°/s
Tilt and roll: 100°/s
Control accuracy ±0.02°
Switching method One-touch camera switching

Infrared camera + visible camera (optional accessory)

Effective pixels

Visible camera: 12 megapixels

Infrared camera: 81,920 pixels

Temperature resolution: <60mK

Dynamic range: up to +140°C (high gain)

Still image shooting method Compression: Superfine / Fine / Normal
Video recording method MOV / H.264
Video recording quality Full HD / HD
Video recording time Available recording time: 60 min. Auto-split: OFF / 1 / 3 / 5 / 10 min. (Split by 4GB in the case of FAT32)
Recording media microSD UHS speed class: ≥ U3 or V30 Video class: ≥ V30
Security Encrypted data can be recorded on recording media.
Encryption can be enabled/disabled.

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