DJI Agras T25 Spreading System

DJISKU: CP.AG.00000781.02

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The DJI Agras T25 Spreading System, with its 35L spread tank, is compatible with the DJI Agras T25 aircraft and offers efficient and reliable spreading. Users can configure spreading settings in the DJI Agras app and create specific templates for different materials in order to meet different requirements. The app also provides warning prompts for an empty tank as well as for abnormalities in rotational speed, temperature, and hopper outlet size.

Spread with Speed

The T25 spreading system is equipped with the all-new spinner disk to spread the material more efficiently and evenly. The control module on the spreading system and the weight sensors on the aircraft monitor the remaining weight of the material in the spread tank in real-time to improve the accuracy of the spread rate control and empty tank warnings. The updated fenders can block the spreading material that flies upward to prevent it from damaging the propellers. The quick-release hopper gate allows for easy maintenance and can be replaced easily with the small flow hopper gate when spreading materials with a small flow or diameter.


  • 25 kg Payload:  35 L max capacity and an expanded loading gate for quick refills.
  • Uniform Spreading:  Switch to smaller hopper gates for more accurate low flow rate spreading. Paired with the spiral channel spinning disk, spreading is more uniform.
  • Real-Time Weighing:  DJI Agras T25 is equipped with a weighing sensor which allows you to monitor the remaining payload in real time.
  • Fast Disassembly and Cleaning:  The spreader can be quickly disassembled and cleaned for easy maintenance.

Tested for Reliability, Durability, and Safety

Spreading operations are frequent, intense, and take place in complex environments. DJI Agras T25 has passed hundreds of reliability tests and its main body is durable to help ensure safe operation.

DJI Agras - Ready, Steady, GO


Compatible Aircraft:  DJI Agras T25

Compatible Material Diameter:  0.5-5 mm

Spread Tank Volume:  35 L

Spread Tank Internal Load:  25 kg

Effective Spraying Width:  Varies according to material diameter, spinner disk rotational speed, hopper outlet size, and flight altitude. For optimal performance, it is recommended to adjust the corresponding variables to achieve a spreading range of 5-8 meters.

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