DJI D6000i Multifunctional Inverter Generator

DJISKU: CP.AG.00000649.01

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The D6000i Multifunctional Inverter Generator combines the functionality of a battery charger and generator, while delivering efficient inversion and rectification, and maximizing fuel economy. With a 20L tank, the D6000i can charge up to 60 drone batteries, ensuring the power needed for extensive use. The 220V/380V utility power input options offer versatility in power sources, making it adaptable to various operational needs. The D6000i's 1500W AC output and ultra-fast 9-minute charging make it an essential tool for field operations. 


  • Charges 60 batteries with a 20L tank
  • 1500W AC output for robust power supply
  • 9-min ultra-fast charging capability
  • Versatile with 220V/380V power input

In the Box

  • 1x D6000i Multifunctional Inverter Generator
  • 1x Supporting Foot
  • 2x Caster
  • 2x Wheel Shaft
  • 2x Retaining Clip
  • 4x Bolt (M6×45)
  • 4x Nut (M6)
  • 1x Engine Oil Funnel
  • 2x Wrench
  • 2x Handle
  • 2x Nut (M8)
  • 2x Bolt (M8×50)
  • 1x Spark Plug Socket
  • 1x Screwdriver
  • 1x High Altitude Carburetor Kit


  • Output Channel

    • 1. DC charging output 42-59.92V/9000W
      2. Power supply for air-cooled heat sink 12 V/6 A
      3.AC output 230V/1500W or 120V/750W
  • Battery Charging Time

    • To fully charge one battery (DB800 battery) takes 9-12 mins
  • Fuel Tank Capacity

    • 20 L
  • Starting Method

    • Starting the Generator via the One-Button Start Switch
  • Max Power of Engine

    • 6000 W
  • Fuel Type

    • Unleaded gasoline with RON ≥91 (AKI ≥87) and alcohol content less than 10%(*Brazil: unleaded gasoline with RON ≥ 91 and alcohol content of 27%)
  • Reference Fuel Consumption

    • 600 ml/kWh
  • Engine Oil Model

    • SJ10W-40

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