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Dronetag DRI - Smallest Module for Direct / Broadcast Remote ID

Dronetag DRI is the smallest and lightest device offering affordable Direct / Broadcast Remote capability to drone manufacturers or integrators. While offering two variations to suit every application, Dronetag DRI offers a cost-effective, lightweight, and user-friendly option to manufacture remotely identifiable drones. With the Dronetag DRI solution, manufacturers are on a frictionless path toward the production launch of Standard Remote ID (US) and C-class (EU) drones.

Drone Remote Identification

New regulations in EU & US regions mandate manufacturers to equip their new drone models with technology for Direct / Broadcast remote identification (RID). Dronetag DRI is the easiest way to acquire RID technology without years of R&D and product testing. Connect our factory-ready modules to your drone’s flight controller. That’s all it takes.

  • Get Remote ID approved by FAA in a few days
  • Produce C-class certified drones as defined by EASA
  • Plug & Play for PX4 and Ardupilot FCs (e.g., Pixhawk Cube)
  • Works with any MAVlink or easily adjusts to any custom FCs
  • Mobile app for configuration, flight tracking and data collection
  • Most compact Remote ID solution on the market

Supported Regions

  • European Union:  As defined by the EASA, all drones introduced after 1st January 2024 are subject to C-class certification (C0 to C6). One of the requirements for C-class certification is fulfilling the Direct Remote ID requirements defined by ASD-STAN EN 4709-002.
  • USA:  As the FAA defines, all drones produced after 16th December 2022 must have Broadcast Remote ID functionality installed. By submitting a Declaration of Compliance, drone manufacturers indicate compatibility with the Means of Compliance ASTM F3586-22 (based on ASTM F3411-22 standard). Check the full list of FAA-approved drones.
  • Worldwide Compliance:  Deploy Dronetag DRI into any other region accepting F3411 or EN 4709-002 standards. These may include the United Kingdom, India, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and others. 

Plug & Play for Pixhawk Cube or Similar

You only need one cable to add Remote ID to your aircraft. Dronetag DRI is compatible with all standard Pixhawk controllers running PX4 or Ardupilot. Plug it into your TELEM port, configure the appropriate baud rate, and you are ready to fly.

Sophisticated UART Bypass / Forwarding

All your TELEM / serial ports already occupied and you don't want to mess with the CAN setup and configuration? No worries, Dronetag DRI will not take away any of your existing ports. Thanks to our UART forwarding feature, you can integrate it between the flight controller and your serial peripheral. Just enable port forwarding in Dronetag App and connect Dronetag DRI between your flight controller and serial peripheral.

Two Variations Suit Every Application

Tight space inside your aircraft? Or do you just want to enjoy the ease of integration using internal antennas? Dronetag produces two variants of Dronetag DRI; one that comes with a U.FL connector for an external antenna and the second with an internal antenna already on board.

If you integrate DRI into carbon fiber aircraft, the U.FL variant will provide the flexibility for best performance. The internal variant will get you all you need for any outside mounting options on plastic.

Premium Support Throughout the Compliance Process

Dronetag offers full support throughout the approval process at your local authority, and is ready to help you with the Remote ID compliance process at FAA or assist you during C-class certification. With their OEM solution, you are on a frictionless path toward the production launch of Standard Remote ID (US) and C-class (EU) drones.

Dronetag App - Available on All Devices

Manage your devices, check the airspace zones, plan your flights, inspect airborne drones around with their flight itineraries and notify other pilots about any airspace hazards. All that in one app – the Dronetag App.


Flexible Mounting:  Dronetag DRI is a small single-sided board, so you can either use double-sided tape or M2 screws to mount it in the desired place.

Device Management via Mobile App:  Forgot about disassembling your aircraft to change the settings or update the firmware. Take care of everything in our multiplatform mobile app.

OTA Firmware Updates:  Guarantees long-term support and future-proof solutions. New exciting features are always waiting at your fingertips.

No Sensors & Battery:  Module takes position data and power from your FC. Minimal impact on drones’ SWAP characteristics as the DRI module weighs 1.5 g with a size of 22.5 × 16 mm.

Comes with Standardized SN:  Our DRI module already has ANSI/CTA-2063-A serial number baked inside. Refer to this SN during the compliance process without worries about managing your sequence.

ASD-STAN EN 4709-002 & ASTM F3411-22 Compliant:  Suitable for all regions adopting any of those standards. Broadcast over Bluetooth 4 & 5 to up to 3 km range (distance drone to smartphone).

Upload Flight Logs Online:  Dronetag DRI has external flash memory, which allows pilots to synchronize their flights with Dronetag App.

Download Pixhawk Dataflash Logs:  Troubleshooting customer‘s problem over a long distance? Let them wirelessly download diagnostic dataflash logs and send them to you for inspection.


Short-range radio:  Bluetooth 2.4 GHz
Remote ID technology:  Bluetooth 4.0 Legacy + 5.0 Long Range
Sensors:  None, data read from flight controller
Indicators:  RGB LED to show the state
Antenna:  Variant with internal or external one
Antenna Connectors:  Optionally 1× U.FL (IPEX compatible)
Communication Connectors:  2× JST GH 6-pin (1.25 mm pitch)
Communication Protocol:  UART (3.3 – 5V tolerant)
Supported Message Protocol:  MAVlink 2
Supported baud rates:  Standard ones - configurable in Dronetag app
Input voltage:  3.3 – 17V
Input voltage regulator:  Low-noise buck converter
Average current consumption:  3 mA
Maximum current consumption:  10 mA
Mounting mechanism:  M2 holes or double-sided tape
Operating temperature:  -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
Dimensions:  22.5 × 16 × 5 mm (0.89 x 0.62 x 0.19 in)
Weight with JST connectors:  1.5 grams (0.56 oz)
Weight without JST connectors:  0.5 grams (0,017 oz)
Remote ID Standards:  ASD-STAN EN 4709-002 & ASTM F3411-22
Certifications:  Uses FCC/CE approved radio module

In the Box

1 - Dronetag DRI
1 - Pixhawk 6-PIN GH to 6-PIN GH Cable 10 cm

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