MicaSense RedEdge-P Dual Multispectral Upgrade Kit

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MicaSense RedEdge-P Dual Multispectral Upgrade Kit - 10 Spectral Bands for Enhanced Data Comparison with Satellites

High-resolution multispectral and RGB composite drone sensor for plants classification, weeds identification, environmental research and conservation, and vegetation analysis of water bodies. The dual solution features the RedEdge-P and the new RedEdge-P blue cameras.  This upgrade kit is an option for customers who currently have the RedEdge-P.


  • Obtain imagery comparable to Landsat and Sentinel satellite data at an enhanced resolution.
  • Monitor shallow water environments with the coastal blue band.
  • Perform detailed analysis on chlorophyll efficiency and identify weeds.
  • Conduct reliable time-series analysis even in varying light conditions.
  • Perform machine learning and AI applications such as early stage crop counting.
  • Generate insights invisible to the naked eye with multiple outputs and indexes such as RGB, NDVI, NDRE, OSAVI, NIT, CIR, DSM.
  • Work with the equipment you already have - compatible with DJI Matrice 300 and a wide range of post-processing and flight planning software.

Double the Analysis Potential

Ten multispectral bands: The RedEdge-P dual bands cover Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 satellite bands at an enhanced spatial resolution.

Panchromatic band for enhanced resolution:  The RedEdge-P dual enables a GSD of 2 cm per pixel / 0.8 in per pixel when flying at 60 m / 200 ft. Sharper imagery allows you to spot smaller problems sooner and make reliable decisions.

Coastal blue band:  RedEdge-P dual unique coastal blue band is specially designed for water vegetation analysis and weeds identification in shallow water environments.

Narrow bands:  Spectral narrow bands are key to detecting subtle variations in plant health and allow for more precise data. The RedEdge-P dual is a narrow-band sensor that captures the most relevant segments of the spectral curve.

Double calibration:  The DLS light sensor and CRP reflectance panel are one of a kind in the market and allow accurate and reliable data in varying light conditions, enabling time series analysis.

Global shutter:  On all 10 lenses that withstands vibration without degrading image quality. The global shutter of the RedEdge-P dual allows for distortion-free image captures.

Up to 3 images/second:  CFexpress card of 128 GB storage enables up to three captures per second and immediate turnaround time between flights by swapping cards.

Synchronized capture:  Synchronized capture of all 10-bands, automatic triggering and geotagging of images for efficient flight times and easy post-processing.

Two Cameras, One Workflow

Correlate drone and satellite data:  The RedEdge-P dual bands cover Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 satellite bands (~10 m / 32 ft per pixel) at an enhanced spatial resolution of 2 cm / 0.8 in. It enables the use of many indices already created using satellites.

Conduct time-series analysis:  The RedEdge-P dual multispectral kit comes with a Calibrated Reflectance Panel (CRP) and a Downwelling Light Sensor (DLS). These radiometric calibration tools account for different weather and light conditions, providing data that enables reliable time series analysis and comparability of outputs over time.

Perform AI applications:  The RedEdge-P dual‘s panchromatic band enables high-resolution RGB and multispectral imagery for machine learning applications, such as early-stage crop counting.

Compatible with a wide range of software:  The RedEdge-P dual is compatible with the DJI Matrice 300 drone. The camera features an open API interface for easy integration with most flight planning and post-processing software, including Measure Ground Control.

Get insights invisible to the naked eye:  Simultaneous capture of all bands, enabling multiple high-resolution outputs and indexes, such as RGB, NDVI, NDRE, OSAVI, NIT, CIR, DSM and more.

Made in USA

MicaSense series sensors are manufactured in the U.S. (NDAA compliant) and employed at academic, private and government institutions worldwide since 2014.


Vegetation analysis of water bodies:  Surveys over water for chlorophyll efficiency examination, vegetation analysis and identification of algae or floating, submerged and emergent plants.

Environmental monitoring:  Coastal and near-shore mapping for water resources management, tidal zones, swamps and glacier monitoring.

Water management:  Public water supply surveillance, water resources management.

Habitat monitoring, protection and restoration:  Erosion and biodiversity inspections, reef surveys over shallow waters, inaccessible to vessels and sensitive to human interaction.

Vegetation species and weeds identification:  Vegetation health management and species identification, including the ability to differentiate and count plants, trees, invasive species, and weeds.


  • Weight:  745 g / 26.2 oz (two sensors, mounting hardware, DLS2, and cable)
  • Dimensions:  13.2 cm x 8.8 cm x 9.67 cm / 5.1 in x 3.1 in x 3.5 in
  • Spectral bands:  Coastal blue 444(28)*, Blue 475(32), Green 531(14)*, Green 560(27), Red 650(16)*, Red 668(14), Red Edge 705(10)*, Red Edge 717(12), Near-IR 740(18)*, Near-IR 842(57)
  • RGB output:  (global shutter, aligned with all bands)
  • Sensor resolution:
    • 1456 x 1088 (1.6 MP per multispectral band)
    • 2464 x 2056 (5.1 MP panchromatic band)
  • Ground sample distance: 
    • 7.7 cm / 3 in per pixel (per multispectral band) at 120 m / ~400 ft AGL
    • 3.98 cm / 1.5 in per pixel (panchromatic band) at 120 m / ~400 ft AGL
  • Field of view:  50° HFOV x 38° VFOV (multispectral), 44° HFOV x 38° VFOV (panchromatic)
  • Capture rate:  Up to 3 images per second raw DNG
  • Storage:  CFexpress card
  • Interfaces:  Three configurable GPIO: select from trigger input, PPS input, PPS output, and top offrame signals. Host virtual button. USB 2.0 port for WiFi. Serial. 10/100/1000 Ethernet.
  • External power:  7.0 V - 25.2 V
  • Power input:  11/14.0/20W (standby, average, peak)
  • Heat:  
    • Ambient without airflow: 0-40 °C / 0-104 °F
    • Ambient with airflow >0.5 meter per second / >1.1 mph: 0-50 °C / 0-122 °F 
  • IP rating:  IP4X 

*Denote RedEdge-P blue bands. **With appropriate post-processing.

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice

In the Box

  • RedEdge-P blue
  • USB Wi-Fi dongle
  • Lens cover
  • Integration cables
  • Mounting hardware
  • CFexpress card
  • CFexpress card reader
  • Hard carrying case
  • Start guide

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