Velos V3 UAV Helicopter

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Velos Rotors Velos V3 - High Capacity Aviation Grade UAV Helicopter

The Velos V3 twin motor configuration sets new engineering standards for redundancy, which ensures unwavering reliability for mission-critical UAV applications in extreme conditions. With its IP65-rated fully redundant design, Velos V3 has a combined payload and battery capacity of 35 lbs. or 15.9kg. This high-level capacity, coupled with versatile multi-sensor options, makes Velos V3 a reliable UAV helicopter for mission-critical operations such as cargo, public safety, and inspections.

Unmatched Redundancy Through Twin Engine Design

The power of Velos V3 lies in its core innovation: a fully redundant twin-engine design. Every major component is duplicated, including main motors, batteries, electronic speed controls (ESC), belts, and gears. Unlike typical UAV helicopters based on hobby-grade components, Velos V3 has been purpose-built from scratch, driven by three key objectives: reliability, redundancy, and performance.

Reliability and Scalability for Diverse Applications

Boasting an impressive flight endurance of up to 80 minutes, the Velos V3 delivers unmatched reliability and scalability for civil and commercial applications. The payload-over-rotor (POR) option enables the integration of a ballistic parachute or other sensor options, further enhancing its capabilities and safety.

Protect Critical Payloads

  • Weather-Resilient:  IP65-certified, the Velos V3 features variable geometry blades and a sturdy full-body fuselage, enabling it to withstand extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, and high winds.
  • High Payload Capacity and 80-Minute Flight Time:  With a 80-minute flight time for extended operations and maximum take off weight of 55 lbs. or 25kg, the Velos V3 can fly further and do more, saving time and money.
  • Fully-Redundant Design:  The Velos V3 offers a fully redundant design featuring twin motors, ESCs, drive belts, pulleys, bearings, and four servo swash plates. The patented highly innovative drivetrain gearbox renders Velos V3 the only UAV helicopter in its class that can tolerate a complete failure of most major components and safely land protecting its payload and surroundings.

Key Features:

  • Up to 35 lbs. or 15.9kg combined payload and battery capacity
  • More than an hour flight time with payloads
  • Redundancy: helicopter maintains complete control even with critical components failure
  • Operates easily in weather conditions where other drones cannot fly
  • Carbon fiber skids allow for more payload capacity
  • Wireless modem connection for a range of up to 50 km or 31 miles
  • Laser altimeter for precision control
  • POR (payload-over-the-rotor): ready for Ballistic parachute, 360-cameras, and many more
  • Fully autonomous navigation: supports ground control software, including UgCS
  • Smooth ‘Auto-Return’ home and ‘Auto-Land’ mode
  • Ability to carry multiple payloads & multiple communication systems
  • IP65 rated against dust and water

The Velos V3 for Safety • Redundancy • Efficiency • Performance


  • Public Safety
  • Emergency Response
  • Geographic Mapping
  • Agriculture Applications
  • Inspection
  • Cargo Delivery Services: ship to shore, shore to ship; inter-island; cross-border; business to business, and rural cargo deliveries
  • Surveillance/Patrol
  • Professional Aerial
  • Video/Photography



  • Payload Capacity:  15.8kg/35lbs*
  • MTOW:  Under 25kg/55lbs
  • Endurance:  Up to 80 minutes
  • Cruise Speed:  39070 km/hr | 8-18 m/s
  • Min/Max Speed:  1-120 km/h | 1-33 m/s


  • Rotor diameter RD:  1950mm/76.5in
  • Length L:  1720mm/67.7in
  • Height H:  730mm/28.75in*
  • Width W:  620mm/24.4in
  • Fuselage Width FW:  230mm/9in
  • Empty Weight:  8.5kg/19lbs
  • Battery Weight:  4-10kg/9-22lbs
  • Payload Weight:  10kg/22lbs

*depends on POR payload

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