DJI Enterprise Dealers of Upstate NY - Volatus Drones

Huge news folks.  Empire Drone Company is now a DJI Enterprise Dealer.  What does this mean for you?  We can now offer the most competitive pricing on consumer, professional, and enterprise-grade drones.

DJI is the largest drone manufacturer in the world.  DJI designs and creates some of the most sophisticated Enterprise-grade drones and payloads on the market.  This includes the M210RTK, M200, and FLIR XT2 Thermal Camera. Our partnership with DJI gives us access to the very best drone technology.  Whether for Public Safety, Inspection, or Agriculture, DJI drones are unrivaled in their reliability and ease of use.

Empire Drone Company is one of a handles of companies in Upstate, NY to offer DJI Enterprise drones.  This coveted position helps us easily realize our clients' goals.  Drones are being put to use in every sector of the economy.  Drones are helping farmers measure plant health with near-infrared payloads.  Drones are enabling search and rescue teams quickly locate victims with thermal camera payloads.  Drones are even assisting architects and engineers in the creation of 3D models of existing building.  Drones are changing many industries and people are quickly benefiting from their capabilities.