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Empire Drone is please to announce they are now the Distributor for Green Valley International (GVI) LiDAR systems, maker of the LiAir V LiDAR Mapping System, in the Eastern US.


Empire Drone is now a distributor for Green Valley International (GVI), the maker of the LiAir V LiDAR Mapping system. You might be thinking, so what? Well the LiAIR V is a full feature LiDAR system that's compatible with the DJI M200 Series, M300 RTK, and M600 for around $35,000. This makes the LiAir V one of the most capable, simple to use, and least expensive aerial LiDAR systems available on the market today.

More on the LiAir V:
The LiAir V is a light-weighted UAV or sUAS-mounted LiDAR survey instrument designed and produced by GreenValley International (GVI). This system features a Livox Mid-40 laser scanner and it is one of the most cost-effective LiDAR system in GVI's LiAir Series. This lightweight 3D surveying and mapping payload was designed with DJI's M200, M210 RTK, M300 RTK and M600 Series platforms in mind. LiAir V is able to provide highly accurate 3D point cloud data and is a great fit for applications in a wide variety of industries including forestry.


LiAIR S 250

GVI LiAir S 250

For clients looking for the ultimate aerial LiDAR system, GVI also makes the LiAir S 250 which is based on the Riegl miniVUX-2.

More on he LiAir S 250:
LiAir 250 is GreenValley International's flagship UAV LiDAR system designed to meet survey-grade project requirements. It is equipped with a highly precise navigation system, and can generate point cloud data with an absolute vertical accuracy of 3 cm. Together with its capability of a 250 m range measurement and recording up to 5 returns per pulse, LiAir 250 is an ideal choice for applications like mapping terrain features beneath forest canopy, extracting forest structure parameters from individual tree level to forest stand level, inspecting power line corridor, managing and inspecting asset, and so on. Moreover, LiAIr 250 also provides an option to be equipped with a high-definition digital camera, which can be used to generate photogrammetry products as well as true color 3D point clouds.


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