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DJI, the industry leader in the drone market, is responsible for a large portion of growth around the world. DJI is constantly researching and developing new and improved ways to make drones more efficient in the real world.

Drones have become increasingly popular in the agriculture industry and especially in Southern Asia where they are used to spray fruit trees and rice paddies. DJI Agriculture has sold over 40,000 units worldwide just this year.

DJI recently launched a new addition to the agras fleet with the T10 but it’s yet to be available in the United States. The T10 is the successor to the MG-1P but uses a similar design principle as the T20.

What it does:

The DJI Agras T10 brings intuitive improvements to the agriculture industry with its exclusive wing design for plant protection. This design effectively improves the flight control effect of fruit trees. The T10 is geared towards small to medium sized plots. 

Equipped with a 10L tank or optional 8L for future US customers. This is a HUGE deal in remaining under the FAA 55lbs. weight limit, which means no need for exemption. The T10 comes standard with 4 pressure nozzles and can spray a maximum width of 5.5 meters. T10 also comes standard with RTK, front and rear dual FPV, spherical radar system and IP67 protection.

The main structure is built with carbon fiber composite materials, ensuring the T10 is lightweight and durable.

The T10 also features a smart battery with up to 1000 safe cycles and it’s new folding structure reduces size by 70%. T10 supports quick insertion and removal of the operation box, simple transportation, and easier transfer operations. The measured field operation efficiency can reach 100 mu per hour.


Once the T10 hits the US it's going to be a game-changer. The T10 can drastically improve spreading efficiency and prevent the need to drive on fields. It’s cost-effective, lightweight and can be operated by a single person. Also, being able to implement variable fertilization operations helps farmland management reduce costs, increase efficiency and income. 

The Agras T10 drone is to be released end of summer 2021.

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