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Skycopter Cobra Drone Was Piloted From Across State Lines.

FULTON, New York - Last week, Empire Drone partnered with Skypersonic to remotely pilot the Skycopter Cobra Inspection Drone from 350 miles away. The Empire Drone team, located in Fulton, NY piloted a Cobra drone, over the internet at Skypersonic's offices in Detroit, Michigan. This feat, which was previously feasible only with military-grade drones, was made possible with Skypersonic’s Remote Platform technology, which creates a secure “tunnel” over the internet. 

"This is a momentous moment in the drone industry and we are happy to be part of it. Imagine a future where a centralized inspection team will be able to perform regular remote inspections using the Skycopter Cobra,” said Sean Falconer, Co-Founder of Empire Drone. “The Cobra will be installed on a charging pad in hard to reach areas. The remote inspector, located anywhere in the world, can then remotely activate the Cobra to perform the inspections. It's very exciting stuff.”

Empire Drone became a certified distributor of Skypersonic’s products in October, 2020, permitting them to offer the Skycopter and all related accessories to their clients. Empire Drone also began offering a new Indoor/Confined Space Inspection Service using the advanced caged inspection drone.

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