Product Release: DJI FPV Drone Series - Volatus Drones
Immerse yourself in the flying experience with the DJI FPV

FULTON, New York - DJI just SHOOK the drone industry with its brand new first-person-view flying drone. DJI is known as the global leader for consumer drones and creative camera technology - but this latest drone is unlike anything released before. 

First-person viewing combined with a plethora of capabilities and optional single-hand intuitive controller, this drone creates its own category opening the door for endless possibilities. DJI’s FPV drone combines racing performance, traditional cinematic camera technology and advanced safety features all in one machine. 

The DJI FPV Combo with Empire Drone includes the drone, V2 goggles, dedicated controller, along with necessary batteries and cables. The intuitive motion controller can be purchased separately. 

The FPV is game changing because it’s the first integrated drone with three different flight modes associated with a user’s skill level. This enables pilots to get comfortable with the flying system before they start pushing the limits. 

The three modes Normal, Manual and Sport allow amateurs and professionals alike to take to the skies. The biggest difference between flying modes is the activation level of safety features. In Normal (N) Mode, all safety features such as GPS/VPS, obstacle detection are activated compared to Manual (M) Mode when sensors and hovering features are entirely disabled. 

One of the most exciting safety features of the new FPV is the Emergency Brake and Hover feature (available in all flying modes). Having this feature makes flying safer and less intimidating for all experience levels. Considering this drone can reach speeds of up to 87 mph and go from 0-60 in 2 seconds, this is a much appreciated safety capability! 

More notable features include the adapted O3 transmission system, used to bring crystal-clear, real-time video transmission at distances up to 10 km. Not to mention the integrated 4k/60fps 120 Mbps camera mounted on a single-axis gimbal with 150° field-of-view. Additionally, distortion correction software and RockSteady stabilization creates smooth footage at fast speeds.

The DJI FPV wants everyone to be a drone pilot! Check out the DJ Fly app which has detailed tutorials on operation. If that isn’t enough try out the new Virtual Flight app which is a free simulator that allows you to practice flying in various settings. 

Contact us today with any questions or for availability and pricing information. 


About Empire Drone: Empire Drone is a leading distributor, integrator, inspection service provider, and trainer for unmanned aerial systems in North America. Empire Drone was founded on the unrelenting goal of providing our clients with the best the drone industry has to offer. For more information, please visit or call us at 315-743-4285.

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