Case Study: Agras T20 Eliminates 99% of Aphids in Orchard - Volatus Drones

Insufficient pest control and unfavorable weather conditions have led to a rise in aphid swarms in China. Aphids are tiny sap-sucking insects of the superfamily Aphidoidea and cause severe damage to vegetation if not controlled properly.

In this case study, DJI T20 aerial drones were used to successfully spray pesticides to control the aphids. The operation was carried out in Jingshen Village, Taigu District, Shanxi province on June 3rd of last year. Peach trees were 10-15 years old and roughly 2 meters high with a 3 meter canopy diameter.

A large population of aphids were found covering the leaves, trunks and branches of peach-bearing trees; particularly on tender treetops. For example, some 800-1000 aphids were found on the back of a single leaf, causing them to curl, wither and turn black.

Specific parameters and pesticides were needed and properly selected to ensure sufficient dosage was maintained throughout operation. Acetamiprid and Avermectins-imidaclorid were the pesticides used but other pesticides may be used as alternatives in the future.

72 hours after application, the death rate of aphids on the front of leaves was greater than 99% and 95% on the backs of leaves, branches and trunks. Aphids on treetops were essentially eliminated and the health of the leaves were able to recover. 

It is important to note that meteorological conditions and temperature had little impact on deposition and evaporation of the pesticides. 

This case study featuring aerial pesticide spraying with the DJI Agras T20 is one of many examples of the benefits of using drones in the agriculture industry. 


Dji agras t20

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