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Empire Drone is proud to announce that all of it’s outbound shipments are now carbon neutral. This feature is completely free of charge to its customers and further solidifies the company’s pledge towards more environmentally sustainable operations.

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Empire Drone provides Carbon Neutral shipping by purchasing Carbon Offsets. Every time an order is shipped Empire Drone pays a fee to purchase Carbon Offsets. Through these offsets, the company will prevent the carbon release equivalent of burning approximately 225 lbs. of coal or 25,000 smartphone charges per year. The Carbon Offsets purchased by Empire Drone support responsible forest management and reforestation projects around the world.

Example Forrest Mangement Project in Afognak, Alaska by Pachama Carbon Offsets fund projects like the Responsible Forest Management project in Afognak, Alaska by Pachama.


Carbon Neutral shipping augments Empire Drone’s effort to be one of the most sustainable drone distributors in the industry, and dovetails with its other sustainable efforts which include; housing operations in an 195 year old adaptive reuse building, energy efficient lighting with heavy reliance on daylighting, and recycling or reuse of all shipping and packaging materials.

Empire Drone facilities are located in an adaptive reuse building.
Empire Drone operations are housed in a 195 year old adaptive reuse building which was originally a mill.


“While climate change can be a potentially charged topic, we see our move to be more sustainable as a responsible way to hedge against a potentially bleak environmental future,” said Sean Falconer, Co-founder and CEO of Empire Drone. He continues, “In our case, Carbon Neutral shipping was a small but impactful way to be more sustainable. Our hope is that our example leads others in the industry to follow suit.”


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