Introducing the EXOLANDER and SPOTLIGHT for Autel Robotics EVO II - Volatus Drones

Autel Robotics today announces an expanded partnership with FoxFury Lighting Solutions, providing tactical lighting, mounting, payload delivery solutions for the public safety market. These products are designed to be mounted on, and in support of the Autel EVO II drone platform.

The FoxFury Lighting Solutions SPOTLIGHT provides public safety users 2200 lumens of focused lighting with a 60ft (18 m) wide light at an altitude of 200’. The SPOTLIGHT weighs 350 grams, has a 70 minute battery life, and is water resistant. The SPOTLIGHT may be angled or aimed straight down. The directed, 15-degree focused beam provides brilliant white light, designed for illumination in areas otherwise challenged to light. The SPOTLIGHT is self-cooled; users do not need to be concerned about the lighting system draining the battery or overheating the airframe.

The SPOTLIGHT mounts to the Evo II via the TacSwan EXOLANDER © (patent-pending). The EXOLANDER © is an exoskeleton with 10 hard points that allows various accessories to mount to the Autel Evo II Mounting Platform. It also provides the Evo II with leg extensions, maintains proper CG (Center of Gravity) on the Autel EVO II aircraft and can be quickly attached/removed from the Autel EVO II aircraft without tools.

In addition, a Payload Drop system enables public safety users to drop radio, space blanket, water bottle, first-aid kits, or other small assistive devices in situations where rescuers cannot reach or clearly communicate with a victim. The lightweight system is also designed to carry safety lines to stranded or drowning swimmers, and has been tested pulling over 400ft (122 m) of 550 cord to a swimmer in the ocean.

“We have had many agencies inquire about expanding the current EVO II Mounting Platform provided as a component in the Made in USA Autel EVO II Dual bundles, and many questions about a brighter, further-reaching light, that we began working with local law enforcement, Autel, and our engineering team to develop a solution that is rapidly deployable, ultra-rugged, and affordable,” said Mario Cugini, CEO of FoxFury Lighting Solutions. “Our primary market is public safety, so it makes sense that we partner with Autel to support their public safety programs. We’ve enjoyed great success with the D3060 lighting on the EVO Series aircraft, and anticipate similar successes with this new accessory lineup.”

“FoxFury’s latest lighting system for the EVO II aircraft is impressive, and expands possibilities for our public safety and enterprise users. We look forward to public safety agencies executing missions in the field with these new accessories,” said Gary DeLuca, CEO of Autel Robotics USA. “The EXOLANDER © opens the doors for many more accessories from FoxFury, enabling us to rapidly respond to our customer’s requests.”

These accessories are all tested and authorized by Autel for use on its Evo II drones. They are all Made in the USA as well. The SPOTLIGHT is made by FoxFury and the EXOLANDER © and Payload Drop accessories are made by TacSwan and distributed by FoxFury. These items will be available in Q1 2021.

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