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With the Colorado Drone Chargers M3 PRCS Elite Charger, you’ll spend more time flying, you’ll save money on purchasing batteries, and you’ll spend less time charging batteries.

The M2 PRCS Elite system charges up to four (4) batteries and one (1) flight controller simultaneously––in record time!

The charging system is designed to be powered from diverse power sources ranging from pure sine wave to modified sine wave, often provided by inverters and generators. It features CDC Intelligent Charging which includes current, voltage and temperature management for safety and speed.


Charger system details: 
• Proprietary charging algorithms
• Built-in power supply
• 100% duty cycle
• Multi-fan cooling
• CDC Intelligent Charging current, voltage & temperature management
• Compatible with M2 Intelligent Flight batteries
• Protective hard case IP65-rated
  - Watertight
  - Dust proof
  - Impact resistant
  - Pressure release valve–easy open
  - Available in tan, black and orange

Charge Times

Battery compatibility and charge times: 
• Four (4) M2 Intelligent Flight batteries*
• Average charging times with nominal cooling:
  20% to 90% in 45 min. and 98+% in 60 min.

*Batteries not included with charger

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