CZI Backpack Tethered Power System


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The CZI TK300 Tethered Power System for DJI M300 is the world’s first portable tethered power station.  Weighing only 28 lb., its easy to use, quickly deployable, and can be carried on the back. With a protection class IP54 rating and intelligent function monitoring and display.

The DJI M300 drone tethered system can converts single-phase or three-phase AC power into DC high voltage, and transmits it to the onboard power supply through a high-performance nickel alloy power supply cable to continuously supply power to the drone. Combined with the use of backup batteries, it can achieve a max of 24 hours of continuous operation on the basis of ensuring a safe flight.

The TK300 tethered system includes two parts, the on-board power supply which installs on the drone, and the manual-automatic integrated ground power station. Among them, the manual and automatic winding machines integrate ground power supply, high-performance power supply cables, and automatic winch devices. The highly integrated ground power supply system not only provides portability, but also ensures that the automatic winding functions of 100-meter cables can be quickly executed, and can also reduce the impact and bending of the cable, which is a protective cable.

Key Features:

  • Tethered system compatible with DJI Matrice 300 RTK
  • Portable, backpackable, only 28 lbs.
  • IP54 protection class
  • Easy to use, quick deployment
  • Manual-automatic integrated winch system
  • Voltage and current overload protection
  • Intelligent real-time monitoring of system working status
  • Safe and efficient

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