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The FT30-P Payload Drop System for DJI M30/M30T air payload dropper, and drop release mechanism system hooks, based on DJI SDK, are controlled via DJI Pilot. 

The DJI M30 air payload dropper kits are seamlessly connected to Pilot2 control. The drop system has a built-in dual-channel high-performance servo motor, and a single hook can drive a maximum of 11 lbs. The unique slope sliding decoupling minimizes the size of the M30 drop release hooks without changing the structure of the aircraft.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with DJI M30/M30T
  • Based on DJI SDK, control the drop via the DJI pilot
  • Quick-release design
  • Easy to install
  • Max dropper weight 22lbs (for DJI M30 drone, no more than 1 lb.)
  • Suitable for various scenarios such as material delivery and emergency rescue

How to Operate the FT30-P for M30/M30T:

  • On the rear side of the drop system, are two buttons associated with their respective side of the aircraft. These buttons control whether it is primed for loading or dropping.
  • A horizontal position is prepared for loading, and a vertical position is primed for dropping.
  • If it is vertical without a load attached, press the button to prepare it for loading.
  • Once the load is ready, press the button again to prime for dropping.
  • When primed and prepared to drop, unlock the system on the RC and click on the side to drop.
  • The parachute icons indicate which side is dropping:  a parachute with a single dot below is the left side, and a parachute with double dots below is the right side.

Note: The drop icons will change color from green (the hook is horizontal, and the drop load is not attached or primed for dropping) to red (the Hook is vertical after the drop load is attached and primed for dropping).

In the Box

  • CP.FT30-P Dual-Stage Payload Drop System
  • Screwdriver
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


Compatibility:  DJI M30/30T UAV

Model:  FT30-P
Size:  76mm*60mm*28mm
Weight:  90g
Loading Capacity:  No more than 2kg within a single channel
Power of the System:  14w
Recommended Loading:  No more than 500g within a single channel
Type of Interface:  Type-c
Fixed Method:  Fix with the bottom screw
Loading Method:  Manual button control
Software Support:  Pilot2
Control Methods:  Pilot2 controls, mapping remote control buttons 

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